Dogs Can Dance Too by Amy

Challenger: Stephanie
Ratings: everyone, teen, mature
Genre: adventure, suspense, funny
What I specifically want in my story:

  • ice cream
  • “that band Hanson”
  • stuffed snoppy animal

What I don’t want in my story:

  • warewolves
  • song that describes the character’s feelings, person who works for a record company

Ice cream. What flavor did I want? The list on the counter had about 20 different flavors with 10 other toppings for each.

What happened to the ‘regular’ flavors of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate? You could also get it in a regular cone, a waffle cone, a sugar-coated waffle cone (all with or without chocolate) or in a cup or bowl. Why did it have to be so complicated?

“Okay. Your turn Tay.” Zoe looked up at me with an expectant look on her face. I glanced once again at the list and chose an old standby.

“I’ll take strawberry in a sugared waffle cone.” I told him and paid for our treats. Zoe licked from her Banana-split bowl as we walked out into the sunny fairgrounds.

“Awww. I wanted to get a sugar cone.” My sister commented and I held mine over so she could have a bite.

“Yeah well we were out of coffee this morning. I needed a sugar rush.” I told her as we passed kids and their parents running around. The local fairgrounds had just been opened for the summer so Natalie and I brought the kids here as well as Zoe. Natalie had taken Ezra and Ella to the car to change their clothes and reapply sun screen.

“I don’t know how you drink so much coffee…Oh my gosh. I lost my bracelet!” Zoe exclaimed holding up her wrist.

“Well let’s go back.” I said and followed after her toward the ice cream shop. I tried to keep up but groups of people got between us until I lost sight of my sister. My heart pounded as I ran faster. Eight year olds were used to being active and Zoe was no exception but I didn’t need to lose her in this mass of people. I was having a hard enough time keeping myself disguised with an old hat that was to small and sunglasses that kept burning my face from the heat.

“Taylor!” I heard my name being called and turned to see Zoe in front of a ring toss stand.

“Don’t run away again. I lost you for a second.” I reprimanded her and Zoe just smiled as she held up her pink and orange colored bracelet.

“I found it hanging out of my pocket.” She smiled and put the bracelet on her wrist. We waited in line and I checked my watch for the time. Natalie was supposed to meet up with us around five to head home. I wasn’t sure how she was handling Ella while trying to keep up with Ezra running around.

“Look at that!” Zoe exclaimed startling me out of my thoughts. She pointed to a large Snoopy stuffed animal that a little kid had won with his dad. I wished that Ezra was with us but he needed a change of clothes and went with his mom. “There are a lot more over there.”

I looked over to wear the prizes were and saw a large container full of Snoopy animals. The black and white dog was dressed in so many different costumes that it was almost frightening. There were Snoopy’s dressed as football players, chiefs, painters, rabbits and what looked like a ballerina costume. I thought that Snoopy was a boy dog?

“Who’s next?” The man behind the counter asked and Zoe stepped up to play the came. It took both of us three tries to finally ring the goal but afterward Zoe got her prize. Thankfully she didn’t want the stuffed Snoopy because I wasn’t sure that it would fit in my car. We rode a few water rides and found a fun house that we both wanted to go into.

The mirrors showed us as really tall (above my 6′ ft stature) and really short as well as skinny and fat. I had never imagined myself as a fat person and was glad that it was only a trick. As we stepped out into the sun I noticed a radio station that was set up near the attraction.

It was a station from Oklahoma City that only played Top 20 music so I didn’t care about hanging around it. Today was supposed to be family oriented without any music or promo stuff.

“Let’s just stand back here and listen. They’re having a contest.” Zoe took my hand and we stood by the fun house and tried not to draw attention to ourselves. I fumbled with my cellphone and texted Natalie.

“That’s right, you’re caller number 8. Pick a song from the year….1997.” The DJ spoke to the caller and motioned for his assistant to adjust the speakers that stood beside the table. I held my breathe and closed my eyes, praying that we wouldn’t be played for once. “Okay here’s an oldie of some local talent, that boy-band… Hanson.”

“I knew they’d play it.” Zoe smirked at me as I pulled her away from the area. Our song Where’s the love, played from the speakers and I managed to get my sunglasses readjusted on my face. “You’re not mad are you?”

Usually I wasn’t embarrassed when our music was played but I hated it to be considered a ‘boy band’ in that sense. The heat had gotten to me and I needed a beer but instead I bought us two snow cones.

“I’m not mad. It was kind of funny if you think about it. I just don’t want to give an interview now.” I smiled at Zoe reassuringly and opened my cellphone that vibrated in my pocket. Nat had texted me back and wanted us to meet her by the entrance. As Zoe and I walked along she talked about the bracelet she had won, it was yellow and teal. I just wanted to get in the nice, air conditioned car and head home.

“Daddy!” Ezra ran toward me and I picked him up. Zoe kissed Ella who was in Natalie’s arms along with a large stuffed object. It took me a minute to realize what it was. The thing was a mass of white, black and pink.

“I couldn’t get Ella to put it down.” Natalie laughed and kissed me as I took the large stuffed animal from her. To my horror it was Snoopy in a ballerina costume.

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