Downpour by Ashley

Challenger: Nikki
Rating(s) of the fic you want: T (Teen 13+), MA (Mature 17+),
Which brother do you want your story to be about?: Isaac
Genre you want your story to be: Action, Drama, Suspense

Three specific things you want your fic to include:

  • A storm.
  • A car accident.
  • Romance. [it doesn't have to be disgustingly sweet and nauseating because I know some people don't like to write that. Just something.]

Three things you do not want your fic to include:

  • Slash

“Hello?” Felicity said, picking up the phone. When no one answered she repeated herself.

“Hey Lissie,” a voice said happily.

“IKE!?” At her outburst the voice on the other end chuckled.

“Yes. It’s Ike. Who else calls you Lissie and gets away with it?” he asked as he wedged the phone between his head and shoulder. Not seconds later Felicity could make out the sound of a guitar.

“Taylor likes to pretend he can,” she reminded him.

“Ah, but the last time he did, you shoved him into the pool.” She laughed at the memory.

“Very true, he hasn’t called me ‘Lissie’ since. You’re in Australia now, right?” she puzzled. Isaac wasn’t due home for a month.

“Actually, we just got home about two hours ago. We’re working on something at the studio right now but we should be done in a couple of hours,” Isaac said as he motioned to an impatient Zac to leave him alone.

“Ah… now that I know you’re here, I don’t want to wait that long to see you,” pouted Felicity.

“I know; we’ll try to finish this up as soon as possible, I promise. Until then, just…pretend I never called and that I’m going to surprise you,” he suggested. Felicity made a face as she tucked her long, honey brown hair, behind her ear.

“You know as well as I do that is not possible.”

“I know. You’ll end up sitting and staring at a clock willing it to go faster,” he laughed, remembering all the time he had come home late to find her asleep in the living room, facing a digital clock.

“So I’m impatient. You know you love me,” she grinned.

“I do, though I don’t know why…” Isaac teased. He could practically hear her stick out her tongue at him.

“Hey-”she laughed incredulously.

“Psh, you know you love me.”

“Yeah, yeah. Listen, I have something I want to talk to you about when you come home,” she said seriously.

“Ooo…sounds bad.”

“No, it isn’t…”she trailed off.

“Then why do you sound so worried?”

“I’m not worri-”

“I’m sorry to cut you off, but Zac is practically waving his watch in front of my face which means, I need to go,” he finished as he rolled his eyes and glared at his younger brother tapping his watch.

“Alright Ikey-”


“If you get to call me Lissie, I get to call you Ikey,” she smirked.

“Fine, fine. I love you. See you when I get home. Bye!”

“Love you too, bye!” she said before hearing a click. For a more than fifteen minutes, she sat staring at the phone, trying to think of how she could occupy herself so she didn’t go crazy. After chewing her lip for a few moments she decided a pedicure would be a sufficient enough way to waste the afternoon while waiting for her boyfriend to come home. Grabbing her keys and sliding her shoes on before writing a quick note just in case Isaac got home before she did, she left her apartment and headed out of the apartment building. Once outside, she took notice of the rapidly darkening sky. When she had been on the phone, the sky had been clear and bright. Now, although it was only one in the afternoon, it looked as though it was dusk. Felicity crossed the street to the parking garage and located her bright, red car. She shifted through her purse, attempting to find her keys. Kneeling on the cool pavement, she placed her bag on the ground so she could have use of both hands. After moving several items including her wallet, iPod, cell phone, and various other objects, aside, she found her keys. Cheering silently at her triumph to herself, she stood and grabbed her bag. It was then she felt the cold blade against her throat before a hand clamped over her mouth.

“If you so much as whimper, I will kill you,” a gruff voice growled into her ear. Felicity suppressed the sobs that threatened to leap from her body. Tears began their silent trek down her cheeks as her moved her to the passenger side, opened the front door, and roughly shoved her in. Slamming the door loudly behind her, he returned to the driver’s side and got it. “Keys,” the man demanded as he stuck his right hand in front of her heaving chest. Without looking at him, she dropped the keys into his outstretched hand and returned her shaking hands to her body, hugging herself lightly. The car roared to life as though enraged and jolted as it began moving. Moments later the car emerged from the garage and into heavy rain, cutting of a car in the process. Forgetting the situation momentarily, Felicity gazed out the window and briefly wondered why the weather report hadn’t mentioned such a downpour. “Seatbelt,” the voice stated, effectively yanking Felicity from her thoughts. Without thinking she obeyed his request and turned to look at her abducter. He was middle-aged and heavy-set with a receding hairline. His clothing was new but dirty and dank smelling, as though he had been living in a basement.

“Where are you taking me?” Felicity asked in a small voice.

“SHUT UP!” he snapped, steering the car onto the highway. Felicity gave in to the tears that had been threatening every since he had shoved her into the car. Soundlessly, she cried as the skies outside did. For miles he drove in the rain, passing the few cars on the road with them. After about twenty minutes, he pulled off the highway. Turning onto a narrow, two lane road, he continued driving at an obscenely fast pace. Just seconds before she was about to tell him to slow down the speeding car hit a puddle, hydroplaned, and fishtailed, before spinning 360 degrees and hitting a tree. Felicity screamed. The world went dark.

“Hey, Taylor. Do you think we can try to be out of here in, say, an hour?” Isaac asked.

“Huh? What? Yeah…why?” Taylor looked up from a sheet of paper long enough to answer.

“I wanna surprise Lissie.”

“She knows you’re home, or did you forget you called her?” Taylor asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Of course I remember calling her, but she thinks I won’t be home for a few hours, not one,” Isaac explained as though he were speaking to a four year old.

“Yeah, I get it. Sure, in fact, we can be done in less time if you would quit daydreaming and get to work.”

Forty-five minutes later Isaac was in his car and preparing to turn into the parking garage when a man driving a bright red car cut him off. Flipping the guy off, Isaac turned into the garage and found a spot before parking. He opened the door and stepped out before locking the door and jogging out of the garage, into the rain, and across the street. Once at his and Felicity’s apartment he unlocked and opened the door quietly. Shaking the water from his hair he looked around and called for Felicity. He walked across the living room and into the kitchen, thinking he’d find her there. Instead he found a note telling him not to worry, that she would be back by no later than 3:30. Since it was only a little after one, he didn’t. He went to the bedroom he shared with Felicity and removed his shoes, socks and jeans that were wet around the hem before falling onto the bed and falling fast asleep within minutes just as Felicity and the strange man turned onto the highway.

Cold. Wet. Pain. These were the first sensations Felicity felt when she awoke. Opening her eyes she noticed the world around her was unnaturally dark. She shifted carefully and looked around. The driver’s seat next to her sat empty, her bag was gone; the only thing left behind, strangely enough, was her cell phone that had fallen on the floor, away from where her bag had been sitting. Apparently, when the car had hit the tree, her bag had spilt it’s contents and the man had missed the phone when he had left. Thanking God, she picked up the phone and checked the display. The digital clock on the screen read 9:07 PM. She had been out for nearly eight hours.

Isaac awoke to find the bedroom dark, the only light coming from the street lamp outside. He glanced at the clock which read 9:07 P.M. Pulling himself up, he looked around the room and vaguely wondered if Felicity was home. He stood and put on some sweat pants before exiting the room. The apartment stood dark and as still at it had when he come home. Becoming worried, he grabbed the phone and dialed her number.

“Come on, come on FUCK!” Felicity shouted at her phone. Call Failed. She tried again. Same thing. Giving up, she climbed from the car, noticing it was still pouring. Her feet squashed in the mud as she walked the ten feet to the road. Once there she realized she didn’t know which way they had come. The car had spun and she didn’t know where she was. It was dark, her phone didn’t work, her entire right side ached and she had no clue which way the highway was.

“Zac, I can’t get a hold of her; she was supposed to home almost six hours ago! The police won’t do anything because she hasn’t been missing more than twenty four hours and none of her friends know where she is. The place she normally goes to said she never showed up. I-”

“Whoa, Ike, chill…”

“How do you expect me to ‘chill’ when my girl friend is missing?”

“Just…calm down. First, did she say to you if she was planning on going anywhere else?”


“Is her car in the garage?”

“No, damnit…wait a minute.” Isaac just remember something, the red car that cut him off earlier. Her car. He knew it. He had seen the cross he had given her hanging on the rear-view mirror and until now had overlooked it. “Her car was stolen,” he whispered. And he had the strong feeling she was in it. Without thinking he hung up the phone and redialed the police with this memory.

Not knowing what to do, she sat, right there on the road. Rain pelted her, spraying dirt from the road onto her face. She couldn’t call anyone, she had no service. She couldn’t walk anywhere, she didn’t know which way “anywhere” was. She could only hope another car would pass. It was her only hope. She could also wish she had just stayed home. Boredom was very much preferable to this. A snapping twig brought her back to reality and she turned, still sitting. Oh, yes…boredom was very much preferable. “Get up,” he said. She scrambled to her feet, forgetting about the pain He approached her and she backed up. Suddenly he rushed forward and grabbed her arms above the elbows. “Don’t you dare try to run. Let’s go.” He half-drug, half-steered her through the woods. The pain in her side was becoming unbearable. It was at this point she remember something very important.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded, finally finding her voice.

“And why shouldn’t I?” he asked, never slowing his pace.

“I’m two months pregnant-”

“You’re lying.”

“No, I’m not. Please, take anything you want just, please don’t hurt me or my baby,” she begged. He stopped, considering her plea. At least that is what she thought until she saw they had arrived at a run-down cabin. In the drive-way she noticed a jeep just before she was yanked out of the rain and into a dank smelling room. Looking around, she realized this is wear the man must live. Felicity stumbled forward as she was shoved from behind.

“Move,” he said as he began to shove her into a basement. She moved willingly, not wanting to give him a reason to hurt her. The basement was dark and deep, damp as well. At the base of the stairs she stopped, turned, and looked at her captore. He stood four steps from the bottom, staring at her. He began to move forward.

Isaac sat in the passenger seat of Taylor’s car, following several police cars. Fifteen minutes before the police had received a call that someone had spotted Felicity’s car against a tree just off of a road. They were heading there now. Five minutes after they turned of off the highway they saw it. Felicity’s car had crashed into the tree. Both the front passenger and the front driver side doors were open. There was no one in sight. Isaac’s nerves, which had calmed a bit when he had seen her car, jumped into overdrive and he began to cry.

“HEY! I FOUND FOOTPRINTS!” yelled an officer about 3 yards from the passenger side of the car. Sure enough deep footprints were embedded into the mud.

“Mr. Hanson, does this sweatshirt belong to Felicity?” asked an officer, holding up a shirt he had taken from the backseat of her car. Isaac nodded and the officer immediately took it over to a couple of his colleagues with search dogs. He held out the shirt, the dogs sniffed it for a few seconds, and then they took off, following the footprints. “Call her,” demanded another officer.
“If she is anywhere nearby, she’ll come running and push me into the mud. LISSIE!!!” yelled Taylor. Isaac knew he was attempting to make him laugh.


The man continued advancing on her. Felicity had backed up as far as she could and now she was up against a brick wall. Gulping, she began to search frantically with her eyes for something, anything to help her out. What she heard next made buckle with relief.

“LISSIE?!” she heard someone shout, although it was faint. The man heard it two because he stopped three feet in front of her. “LISSIE?!” the voice shouted again. This time she recognized it.

“Isaac,” she breathed. This time, when he heard it, he took off running toward the stairs. Felicity sprinted after him and bypassed him. Racing up the stairs she ran through the basement door, slammed it and turned the key, locking her abductor in. Leaving the room, she strained hard to hear them calling her again. “LISSIE!?” a different voice shouted, this time much more clear. This voice belonged to Taylor. Relief once again flooded Felicity’s body and she ran out of the cabin.

“ISAAC!!!” she half-screamed, half-cried.

“LISSIE?” he answered.



“ISAAC!!! I’M OVER HERE!!!” She continued yelling as loud as she could. Moments later she heard footfalls and ran towards them. It was less than ten seconds before she saw a rain-soaked Isaac followed closely by an equally drenched Taylor. Not caring about anything else in that moment she threw herself at Isaac and wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged him fiercely.

“Oh my God, Lissie!? Oh, I was so scared-” he placed her on the ground and hugged her close. They heard gunfire in the distance. Felicity knew what had happened. They had found him. “What happened?”

“Can we talk about it later?” she asked just as Taylor joined in on their huddle.

“Yeah, sure baby…oh wow, I’m so glad you’re okay…” he said, his voice trembling. Felicity kissed him on the nose and looked at Taylor.

“I’ll deal with you later,” she grinned although she had never been more happy to hear him call her “Lissie.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll watch my back…” he said, laughing softly.

“Hmm…Isaac, I wanted to talk to you about something,” she said, remembering their conversation from earlier.


“Yes now.”

“K, what is it?”

“I would’ve told you on the phone but I wanted to tell you in person-”

“Just tell me Felicity.”

“I’m pregnant.”

“You…you are?” Felicity nodded, only smiling when she saw the grin begin to make it’s way across Isaac’s face as Taylor clapped him on the back, congratulating him. That is when she noticed something else.

“Hey, it stopped raining.”

“So it has, Lissie, so it has.”

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