Watermelon Kisses by Audrey

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Rating(s) of the fic you want: E (Everyone), T (Teen 13+),
Which brother do you want your story to be about?: Zac
Genre you want your story to be: Comedy

Three specific things you want your fic to include:

  • amusing banter between characters
  • a happy ending
  • a mushy love story that makes you feel all gooey and happy inside :-)

Three things you do not want your fic to include:

  • a sad ending
  • death
  • a character who is suffering from depression

I couldn’t help but bust out laughing as Zac dropped the whole watermelon on the kitchen floor, but I quickly covered my mouth when he turned around and glared at me. See it was the fourth of July at the Hanson household. Well it was fourth of July everywhere, but you get what I’m saying. Anyways, back to the original story. The Hanson family always had a tradition on this very special day. It always consisted of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, watermelon, cantaloupe… basically Diana (momma Hanson) went and bought the whole grocery section of Wal-Mart. I had been coming to this tradition ever since I was in diapers according to my mom. She and Diana became friends during a baby class, whatever those things are called, my mom was pregnant with me, while Diana was pregnant with Zac. Since then, Zac and myself have been inseparable. Everyone always said we were destined to be together, but I think we both just ignored it. Sure I’ve kissed Zac, but I didn’t mean it like that, well at least I don’t think I meant to.

I shook my head as I felt something cold hit my bare stomach, seeing how I was wearing a bikini top and short over the bottoms. Come to find out it was watermelon, so my first reaction was picking up some and throwing it back at Zac. The boy who was standing there with the widest grin on his face. That set off the food fight. And let me tell you, food fighting in a bikini is not good, it’s not easy either. By the end of the war, I was covered head to toe in watermelon, ketchup, mustard, and chocolate sauce. A likely combination. We both shook our heads and started laughing. Zac walked over and slowly took some watermelon seeds out of my hair.

“Do you think we could last one fourth without having a food fight?” I said up to him, laughing a little bit, wiping the excess watermelon off of me.

He rolled his eyes and laughed softly, “I think we could, but it wouldn’t be the same.” He said shaking his head.

I shrugged and removed a little piece of the watermelon off his face, smiling softly. The next thing that happened I couldn’t tell you, all I know is that his lips were on mine. HE was kissing me. It’s hard to react when you don’t know how too! So I naturally just kissed him back. This boy gave me butterflies, from my head down to my toes. My whole body just tingled with excitement and happiness. Oh wow, was I really enjoying this? Kissing Zac, my best friend? I tired to find a reason to pull away, but his hand cupping my cheek just made me melt. His lips were so soft against mine, they practically engulfed mine. I always joked with him that he was black, seeing how he has black lips. I thought so at least. I felt his tongue gently run along my bottom lip, causing me to pull back and break the kiss. This is how it always ended. Either of us would break it and then we parted was. It was like a cd that kept skipping in the same spot.

Maybe this time would be different, but I knew it wouldn’t be. He turned around and grabbed some napkins, starting to clean up the kitchen. And this was my cue to go clean up myself. Like a good girl, I didn’t say a word, and just headed up to the bathroom.

By the time I was done and dressed, the whole family was back, including mine. Apparently Zac is a Speedy Gonzales at cleaning up because I didn’t hear any yelling. I washed out my bikini and shorts a little, letting them air dry, as I made my way back downstairs. Getting a hug from the newest addition to the Hanson family. Liz or Elizabeth, whichever. She was Taylor’s wife and becoming one of my best friends. This girl was so set on getting me and Zac together, I think she even made it her life goal. What a waste. It’ll never happen.

Everyone, but the four of us, went outside. It was just to hot to be outside right now. Yeah, shut up. I’m a girl and I don’t like sweating. With Taylor and Zac standing at one end of the bar and us girls sitting at the other end, the conversation started.

“So Liz, your husbands hair looks EXTRA bouncy today.” I said nodding and looking at his hair.

She just laughed, sipping on her Dr. Pepper. “Well you know what they say about that Pantene, it gives you that extra notch.” She nodded and looked at me.

“Hey Tay,” I started saying, but then got up and walked over to him. “Me and your lovely wife over there wanted some hair tips. You know, like how to make it bounce like yours, or how to get more shine…” I leaned on the bar and nodded, while studying his hair. He just rolled his eyes and looked from me to Liz.

“Isn’t this conversation getting a little old?” He replied, putting his hands on his hips.

I started to answer, but stopped when Zac cut in. “Actually I’m with them Tay, I could use some tips too.” He nodded and smirked at me. I grinned and watched the magic unfold. “I mean because all I can do is…” he stopped and ran his fingers through his hair, that’s enough to drive me absolutely insane. “that and I would love to add some… hmm I don’t know, volume to it.” He nodded as he finished and brought his hand up, picking up a strand of Taylor’s hair, causing Taylor to jump.

“God you guys are impossible!” He laughed quietly, and headed outside, with Liz in tow.

“Good job Zac.” I gave him a grin and turned around, leaning back against the bar on my elbows.

He moved in front of me, putting a hand on the bar on either side of me, leaning close, and whispered. “You owe me.” He nodded.

The lump in my throat grew as his body pressed against mine, “And… what, what do I owe you?” I said looking him in the eye.

“A kiss… and a yes.” He smiled softly and nodded.

“A yes? To what exactly?” I asked with a very confused look on my face.

He kind of laughed and shook his head, saying softly. “That you’ll go out with me.” He almost sounded demanding, but gosh, how could I not want to go out with this boy? I’m even surprised at myself that I made it this long with out going out with him. I could see the happiness start to fade away from his eyes as I just… stood there, starring at him. He pulled back and sighed, starting to walk off. Before I could stop myself, I pulled him back to me, giving him the sweetest kiss, I had ever given him. It’s funny how I could sense his surprise and feel it on his lips.

I broke the kiss and looked into his eyes for a few seconds, the kissed him again, whispering softly on his lips. “Yes…” I pulled back again and nodded. He face lit up and hugged me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and squealed as he spun me around. He kissed me again, holding me securely against him with his arms. Now this kiss, could’ve been something more, if our families wouldn’t have snuck in on us and started applauding like we had just won best kiss or something. Even though, I bet we could win that award. I hid my face in his chest and he just held me, not even caring about our audience, he kissed the top of my head gently. I had never felt love like that. Not from a boy, especially not from Zac. Wow, what a Fourth of July to remember huh? I couldn’t wait for the next July weekend. Spending the hot summer day with my family, friends, and my now boyfriend Zac.

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