Gravity by Sarah and Sarahbeth

Disclaimer: We don’t know the members of Hanson. All events and original characters are completely fictional. None of this happened.
Story Notes:
All “Kady” chapters written by Sarah

All “Grace” chapters written by Sarahbeth

Summary: Kady Glass is stuck in her own world, creating her own bonds and leaving them to be, disasterous or not. But with an ancient legend influencing her actions, will she be able to keep her past a secret, or will her bonds finally come back to haunt her?

Grace Timpson is living in a world of fiction. To the untrained eye, she lives a seemingly perfect life. When her world comes crashing down around her, she takes the eye of the storm head on. Unfortunately, the eye of the storm happens to be Taylor Hanson, the man she’s supposed to marry.

‘Gravity’ is the story of two women, strangers tied together by unfortunate circumstances and the L word.

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