Bed of Lies by Brittney

Author Notes: Before writing for TSI began, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would do things differently. I had a lot of problems with the writing in general, but I decide that the starting point of the story was important, too, so the beginning is pretty different. This version is a bit of a combo of the first 8 original chapters. It starts this way because I think this was really the true beginning of the story and the bigger plot. :)

It was so weird to revisit this story after close to eight years, but it was also a lot of fun to take another stab at it. Knowing what I do now, it’s so much easier to see all of the flaws in the original version, so going back and writing the same story with fresh eyes was very cool. I’m really pleased with the way this version came out, and I wrote it thinking ahead about how I would write the rest of it, in theory. I have no plans to rewrite the whole thing, but I know how it would be done.

Oh, and I’m sorry for the insane length. *is quite verbose, obviously*

And thanks so much to Mel for being an amazing beta for this crazy piece and Nikki for helping me work through my clusterfuck of ideas.

Summary: When Eden moved to Tulsa to go to college, she thought she would be gaining her independence. She was a thousand miles away from her family, and she was starting a whole new chapter of her life. Then through a mutual friend she met Taylor Hanson, and in one night her whole life is changed. Everything she had and everything she knew is turned upside down. She is forced to say goodbye to the girl she used to be as she finds herself turning into a young woman who’s world is full of insecuries and built on layers of lies.

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