Changes by Rebekah

Summary: Zac always avoids; conflict, emotions, being the person who he’s meant to be. But now he’s facing something that he can’t avoid, something that he doesn’t want to avoid.


The event that gets the story rolling: The story starts when the protagonist wakes up in the hospital

A secondary conflict: Character’s best friend has a secret that could ruin their friendship

One setting: a house for sale

Theme:  Metamorphosis – this plot involves the physical characteristics of the Protagonist actually changing from one form to another (reflecting their inner psychological identity)

One challenge: having to face the past which is now in conflict with the future

One random plot point/twist: Character is actually in love with his or her sibling’s partner

One cardinal character trait: Shyness

One character weakness: inability to fully open up to people

Character’s most prized possession: A keyring from Minnesota

One every day character problem: losing items

One character fear: Disappointing others

One character quirk: addicted to Frosty’s

One character problem: character is haunted by a childhood friend’s death

One non-Hanson song: Devo – Whip It

Dialogue: “You look like a kid with a problem. Trust me, I know the look. What’s goin on with you kiddo?”

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