Suitcases & Songs by Diamond

Summary: I always believed that music was my one true love. Little did I know, I’d find a much greater love along the way – one that would make my world spin off its axis. One I might never be able to erase from my heart.

Story Notes:

This story was a true challenge for me to complete. But I definitely enjoyed the journey, even though at times it was quite a bumpy ride. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Brittney for hosting the challenge, and to Rebekah for reading my huge crazy mess of a story before it was submitted.

Suitcases & Songs was largely influenced by “Dying Day” by the amazing Brandi Carlile. As always, this story is a work of pure fiction, as are these characters. While some of them are named after people who exist in real life, please don’t be misled – I don’t know Hanson or any of their affiliates, nor have I ever claimed or pretended to.

Behind the Challenge:

The event that gets the story rolling: The story starts when your protagonist goes to a movie

A secondary conflict: Another character is being haunted

One setting: a coffee shop

Theme: Love – plot involves the Protagonist overcoming the obstacles to love that keeps them from consummating (engaging in) true love

One challenge: buying a fish

One random plot point/twist: A character gets sick or injured at an important time

One cardinal character trait: Selfish

One character weakness: always convinced they are right

Character’s most prized possession: a pair of chucks signed by Leonard Nimoy

One every day character problem: always late

One character fear: fear of birds

One character quirk: bites his/her lip a lot

One character problem: Your character has an ex with such a profound impact on them that they won’t acknowledge or admit them

One non-Hanson song: Michael Franti – Say Hey

Dialogue: Character 1: At what time today did you decide to become such an asshole?
Character 2: About 11:52

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