Fix It by Becca

Challenger: Taye
Rating(s) of the fic you want: Anything.
Which brother: Taylor
Three things you want your fic to include:

  • rain
  • sunset
  • hood of a car

Three things you do not want your fic to include:

  • rape
  • slash
  • incest

Zac Hanson licked his lips as he picked up the foot long meatball and Swiss cheese Subway sandwich. He lowered his teeth into the fresh toasted bread and savored the many flavors. He took small bites, hoping to prolong the delicious meal.

After finishing the sandwich, Zac licked his fingers, removing any sauce that was on them, before continuing his meal with Arby’s curly fries.

He stretched out on the couch and pushed play on the DVD player.

“Tonight’s selection is,” he said to himself. “Clueless.”

“If only Megan could see me now, or knew what I did on Thursday nights,” he grinned.

Megan was Zac’s wife of thirteen months who was completely against anything that had to do with the fast food industry. But since they had married, she declared Thursday evenings a Tayeva and Megan night.

Tayeva was Megan’s best friend of eighteen years and was also dating Zac’s brother Taylor. Tayeva and Taylor had been dating exclusively for three years and had been the ones who introduced Zac and Megan.

Megan and Tayeva’s plan for this particular evening included dinner at the Olive Garden followed by a screening of Brokeback Mountain.

Thirty minutes into his movie, Zac heard a car door slam. He looked at his watched and noted that it was too early for Megan to come home.

Or so he thought.

He jumped to his feet when he heard her call his name from the front door. He grabbed the wrappers from his dinner and when he couldn’t think of a better place to hide them, he stuffed them into his sweatpants right as she entered the room.

“Do I smell meatballs?” She asked him.

“Uh, no,” he shook his head. “What are you doing home so early?”

“Your brother is an ass,” Megan informed him as she sat down.

“So the reason you’re home early is because Taylor is an ass?” Zac started to sit down but stopped when he heard the wrappers.


“How is Taylor an ass?”

“Well Taye is convinced that he doesn’t love here anymore. So instead of going to see Jake and Heath kiss, I had to sit and listen to her go on and on about how he doesn’t love her anymore.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I want you to fix it.”

“Excuse me?” Zac’s eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets.

“You heard me, fix it. Be a man and fix my problem please.”

“But how?” And why the hell would he want to get involved in his brother’s love life?

“I don’t know or care, just don’t let him tell her that I told you to fix it.”

“Okay,” Zac nodded, giving in several seconds later.

“Zac, why is there an Arby’s bag on the floor?” Megan asked, looking up at him and noticing the TV for the first time. “What the hell are you watching? Please tell me that’s not Clueless.”

Zac smiled innocently.

“Oh my god,” Megan said, she stood up quickly and exited the room.

Before Zac could settle back on the couch, Megan yelled, “TURN OFF THE MOVIE AND GO FIX IT!”

Zac groaned and turned off the TV. How the hell was he going to fix his brother’s love life?

He walked across the house in his white tube socks and picked his cell phone up. He punched in Taylor’s cell phone number and hit the send button.

“Hello?” He answered after the fourth ring.

“Gee, take long enough,” Zac rolled his eyes.

“If you called to nag at me then I’m hanging up,” Taylor grumbled.

“I was just calling to see if you were planning on going to the studio tomorrow,” Zac inquired.

“Yeah, it beats sticking around here and having Taye bitch and whine at me,” Taylor muttered quietly.

Zac heard Tayeva respond to Taylor’s comment.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Zac,” Taylor sighed before hanging up the phone.

Twelve hours later, Zac walked into the studio with two venti drinks from Starbucks. He found a depressed looking Taylor sitting at the grand piano and sighed, what if Tayeva and Tay’s relationship was unfixable? Would his and Megan’s marriage dissolve because of it?

“You better have a coffee for me,” Taylor’s voice broke into Zac’s head.

Zac blinked a couple times before nodding. “I got you a latte with an extra shot,” he replied, handing his brother the coffee. “You okay, man?”

Taylor shook his head and remained silent for several minutes.

“Want to talk about it?” Zac asked him.

“How do you do it?” Taylor asked, looking at his younger brother. “How do you and Megan have such a good relationship? And why the hell can’t Taye and I have that same relationship?”

“I don’t know,” Zac shrugged. “But it might have something to do with our communication.”

“Taye and I talk,” Taylor retorted.

“Then you don’t listen very well,” Zac replied.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Taylor snapped, jumping to his feet.

“Tayeva doesn’t think you love her anymore,” Zac informed him.

Taylor’s expression changed from angry to confused in less than a second. “Wh- what?”

“Megan told me last night,” Zac told him. “We care about you and Tayeva a lot and we don’t want to see your relationship fail because of poor communication or any other problem for that matter.”

“I have a good reason,” Taylor whispered as he sunk down onto the piano bench.

“I’m not the one you have to convince,” Zac reminded him.

“What should I do?” Taylor asked, looking up at his brother.

“I don’t know, do something that you know she wants to do,” Zac replied. “Just don’t tell her that I told you any of this, the last thing we want is to have her hate you, myself and Megan.”

“Thanks,” Taylor said after a few minutes. “I’m going to go, I’ll see you later.”

Zac watched as his brother left the studio before he sat down at the piano and started to play.

Outside, Taylor unlocked his car and climbed inside. Instead of driving home, he drove aimlessly until the sun started to set. He felt a tear trickle down his face, sunset was Tayeva’s favorite time of day. She had told him repeatedly that one day she wanted to see the sunrise on the East coast and the sunset on the West coast.

“That’s it!” Taylor exclaimed, a smile spread across his face as he took a quick U-turn. He whipped out his cell phone and called Taye.

“Hello?” She answered, her voice lacking emotion.

“Pack an over night bag,” he instructed.

“Excuse me?” She replied, confused.

“I have a surprise for you,” he told her. “I’ll be home in thirty minutes, so pack a bag for yourself.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me if I have plans?” Tayeva asked him.

“Taye, please,” he begged.

“Fine,” she replied before hanging up.

Taylor sighed as he hung up the phone. Things will get better, he assured himself as he drove.

An hour later, he and Tayeva entered the airport and stood in line. He purchased two plane tickets for Florida and then handed Tayeva her’s.

“What’s in Florida?” She asked him as they walked to their gate.

“You’ll see,” he smiled at her, before frowning when her cell phone rang. “Could I talk you into turning your cell off for the next forty-eight hours?”

She stared at him in disbelief before saying, “On one condition, you have to tell me why the hell we’re going to Florida.”

“Okay, we’re going to Florida so we can see the sunrise,” Taylor shrugged. “Then we’ll catch a flight to California, sleep for a couple hours and then watch the sunset.”

“Seriously?!” Tayeva exclaimed.

“Seriously,” Taylor laughed as she turned off her cell phone and threw it in her purse. “I figured it would be the best time as any, seeing as though Isaac is visiting his in-laws, and Zac, well Zac’s married so he’ll find something to occupy his time.”

“Wow, this is awesome,” Tayeva smiled as she slipped her arm through his. “I had no idea you were actually listening the times I said I wanted to do this.”

“I’m always listening,” Taylor informed her as they sat down and waited for their plane. “I love you, Taye.”

“I love you, too, Tay,” she giggled as she gave him a kiss. “So where are we staying in Florida?”

“I don’t know yet,” Taylor shrugged. “I was almost thinking we would just rent a car when we got there, go to the beach and watch the sunrise and then fly to California and sleep there.”

“Okay,” Tayeva nodded as she laid her head on his shoulder.

Five hours later, Taylor helped Tayeva stand up and then led her off the plane. “We can get a hotel room if you’d like,” he told her.

“No, let’s just go to the beach, I want to sleep there,” Tayeva told him.

“Okay,” Taylor nodded.

An hour later, Taylor parked their rental car on the beach and looked over at Tayeva, who was passed out in the seat next to him. He set the alarm on his cell phone to go off at a quarter to five and then closed his eyes.

“Ugh, turn it off,” Tayeva groaned when the alarm went off. “I want to sleep longer.”

“It’s almost sunrise,” Taylor informed her as he sat up. “Come on, Taye, wake up beautiful.”

“Five more minutes,” she groaned.

“Alright but you’ll miss-” he looked out at the horizon that was growing lighter and saw dolphins jumping. “TAYE! Get up! Dolphins!”

She shot up in her seat and looked out the windshield. When she saw the beautiful creatures jumping, she opened her door and climbed out of the car.

Taylor followed suit and climbed onto the hood of the car. He patted the spot next to him and smiled when Taye climbed up next to him.

Together they watched as the sun rose from its hiding place below the sea, filling the sky with its yellow and orange hues.

“This is magical,” Tayeva whispered, her head resting on Taylor’s shoulder.

“Yeah, it is,” Taylor agreed as he pointed to the pod of dolphins that were dancing in the sun’s reflection on the water.

They stayed cuddled on the hood of the car for a couple hours, alone expect for an occasional jogger.

“Come on, we have a plane to catch,” Taylor whispered as he helped her off the hood of the car.

Eight hours later, Taylor helped his sleep deprived girlfriend into their hotel room and then watched her sleep for a couple hours before falling asleep himself.

They woke up around five and ate dinner, before heading down to the beach. Because their rental car wasn’t allowed on the beach, Taylor spread a sheet from the hotel on the sand and wrapped his arms around Tayeva protectively.

“What colors do you think it will be?” She asked him.

“Orange, red, yellow and maybe a little bit of pink or purple,” he replied.

“If you’re right I’ll give you a special treat when we get back to the hotel room,” she smiled at him, before leaning in and whispering. “If it weren’t for all of the people on the beach I would give you your special treat now.”

Taylor felt his cheeks turn red as his eyes shifted to the other groups that were sporadically placed on the beach.

“Look, it’s starting,” Tayeva whispered.

Taylor watched as the sun retreated to its home under the water and watched as the sky was painted in reds, oranges, yellows and pinks. They continued to lay in each others arms long after other people had put out their bonfires and retreated to their homes.

“You know what I love most about the sunset?” Tayeva whispered.


“That it’s never the same and you can never predict what it will look like.”

“Mmm hmm.”

“I wish our love making was that way.”

Taylor’s eyes popped open and he looked at her.

“You should have seen your expression,” she giggled.

“Is that really how you feel?” He whispered.

“Not all the time,” Tayeva replied. Even in the dark, Taylor could tell she was blushing.

“Okay, then, let’s go do it like the sunset,” he stood and helped her up before she could protest.

At three am, Taylor wrapped his arm around Tayeva and kissed her jaw. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” she replied, snuggling closed to his warm body.

Taylor smiled as he glanced over at Tayeva’s sleeping form in the passenger seat next to him the next afternoon as he navigated his car home.

They had slept a total of ten hours in the forty-eight hours or so that they were gone. They had spent fifteen hours on planes, four hours on the beaches watching the sun’s actions and spent the rest of their time rekindling their love.

Taylor was pulled out of his thoughts when his cell phone rang. He glanced at Tayeva nervously before answering. “Hello?” He whispered.

“How’d it go?” Zac’s voice boomed over the speaker.

“Man, it was great,” Taylor sighed happily, oblivious to the fact that Tayeva had woken up. “It’s something that I’m going to demand that we do every year.”

“So everything is okay with you two now?” Zac inquired.

“Yeah, I think so,” Taylor nodded. “Thank you so much for telling me, I don’t know what I would have done, I was afraid it was over between Taye and I.”

“Taylor, who are you talking to?” Tayeva demanded, scaring Taylor which caused him to jerk the wheel.

Taylor dropped his phone and gripped the steering wheel, trying to regain control of the car.

Tayeva picked up the phone and barked, “Who the hell is this.”

“He- hey, Tayeva,” Zac said quietly.

“Un-FUCKING-believable!” Tayeva exclaimed before slamming Taylor’s phone closed. She gave him a glare, before turning her back towards him and looking out the window.

Taylor sighed as the sky opened and rain pelted the windshield. He turned the wipers on full speed and dared to glance at Tayeva. He could tell she was pissed at him.

“That wasn’t what it sounded like,” he said softly.

“Just drive, Taylor,” Tayeva replied.

“It really wasn’t, Taye, the only thing Zac did was tell me that you told Megan that you didn’t think I loved you anymore,” he confessed before realizing what he said.

“Un-fucking-believable!” Tayeva screamed as she pulled her wet shirt over her head. “I can’t believe my best friend would do that!!”

“They don’t want us to break up,” Taylor sighed.

“Well then maybe they should teach you how to be a better boyfriend!” Tayeva exclaimed. “Because, damnit, Taylor, what the hell are we doing here?!” Tears poured from her eyes. “We’ve been dating for three years, Taylor, and you haven’t once hinted that we’ll be anything other than boyfriend and girlfriend-” Taylor stood and walked into their closet. “Where the hell are you going?!”

He returned a few seconds later, holding a black bag. “I’ve hinted at marriage several times,” he responded as he waved the bag in Tayeva’s face. “I’ve even tried to propose to you five fucking times!”

“Yeah right!” Tayeva exclaimed. “You probably bought that the other day.”

“Look for yourself,” he threw the bag at her and left the room.

Tayeva opened the bag and pulled out a ring box. She opened the box and looked at the pear shaped diamond ring inside. Tears dripped from her eyes as she dug into the bag and pulled out a receipt. “December 29, 2004,” she whispered.

She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and ran off to find Taylor. After searching every room in the house, she found him outside in the rain. She opened the back door and went outside, not caring that she was only in her bra.

“Did you like it?” Taylor asked his voice barely above a whisper.

“It’s beautiful, Taylor,” Tayeva replied as she stood next to him. “Did you really buy it the day after we met?”

“Yeah,” Taylor nodded. “I really did.”

“Why?” Tayeva asked him.

“Because I loved you and knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“When did you try to ask me?”

“I tried to ask you that New Years, but Isaac asked Jennifer. Then I tried to ask you on the Fourth of July but Zac asked Megan. Then I tried to ask you on your birthday, but you invited Megan and Zac over without talking to me. Then I tried to ask you at Christmas and stupid Isaac got Jennifer pregnant so I couldn’t do it then. And then, I tried on Valentine’s Day, but then I got stuck in New York with my brothers because of snow.”

“Are you going to try again? Cause I’d say yes.”

“I’m waiting for the right moment.”

“How will you know it’s the right moment?”

“I’ll know.”

Tayeva closed her eyes and tilted her face towards the sky and started to spin. She felt Taylor wrap his strong arms around her and titled her head towards him and smiled.. She licked her lips and looked at him through her rain soaked eye lashes.

“Tayeva, will you marry me?” He whispered.

“Are you sure it’s the right moment?” She asked playfully.

“Yes, now answer the damn question,” he said roughly.


She giggled as his grasp tightened and his wet lips crushed her own.

Three weeks later, Zac smiled to himself as he sat on the couch, remote in one hand and a piece of pepperoni pizza in the other.

He was bringing the pizza to his lips, when the front door opened and Megan walked inside.

“I really need to put a tracking device on you,” Zac called as he put the pizza back in the box. “What did Taylor do this time?”

“He sent Taye dirty pictures during dinner,” Megan replied as she sat down next to him.

“Eww,” Zac scrunched up his face.

“So what were you going to do while I was out?” Megan asked as she put her hand on his knee. “Hopefully nothing important…” She ran her hand up his leg.

“No, no, nothing important,” Zac gulped.

“Tell you what, you go throw your pizza in the garbage and return your movie, then we’ll do something fun,” Megan smiled as she stood up.

“Can’t I do that tomorrow?” Zac asked, jumping up.

“No do it now,” Megan winked before walking off.

Zac watched her leave the room, before he grabbed the rented DVD and full pizza box. He grabbed a zip lock bag from the kitchen and shoved the pizza inside. He went out to the garage and put the pizza in his hidden mini fridge. He threw the pizza box in the garbage and then drove off in his car. He dropped the movie into the return box and jumped when his cell phone started to vibrate. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw that he had a text message, with a picture attached.

Hurry home, luv Meg.

His eyes nearly bugged out when he saw the picture. He hit the gas pedal and yelled, “THANK YOU TAYLOR!”

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