Third by Becca

Summary: Following his wife’s shocking death and the exposure of her dirty little secrets, Zac leaves Tulsa and heads to the Oregon coast for a few weeks to escape his overbearing family.  His goal is to be alone, with only the company of his bull dogs Butch and Cassidy, but then he meets Harlow Lowry, a woman who is unlike anyone he has ever met.  Will the walls that Zac has built around his heart stay strong or will Harlow find her way in?

Challenges I was assigned that were to be used in the story.

  • The event that gets the story rolling: Car accident
  • A secondary conflict: A neighbor finds out the protagonist’s secret
  • One setting: a bowling alley
  • Theme: Revenge – retaliation by Protagonist or Antagonist against the other for real or imagined injury
  • One challenge: kidnapping
  • One cardinal character trait: Introversion
  • One character weakness: is a pushover
  • Character’s most prized possession: a ring
  • One every day character problem: high blood pressure problems
  • One character fear: terrified of dogs
  • One character quirk: randomly bursts into song
  • One character problem: tormented by someone else’s memories
  • One non-Hanson song: Buckethead & Viggo – Gone
  • Dialogue: ”This is why I’m seriously considering becoming a hermit and living under a damned rock!”

I chose to leave out this one

  • One random plot point/twist: character is actually the last human on the earth

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