Twelve Stops and Home by Aeryn

Summary: When a war breaks out between the werewolves and the vampires, only the hunters are fully prepared. Three hunters and their civilian friend must now race across the United States before time runs out and brings the gathering storm down on their heads.

My Challenges:

The event that gets the story rolling: a wedding
A secondary conflict: a hidden relationship comes to light
One setting: a public bathroom
Theme: temptation – plot involves a protagonist that for one reason or another is induced or persuaded to do something that is unwise, wrong or immoral
One challenge: car breaks down in the middle of a storm
One random plot point/twist: someone crucial from the protagonist’s past shows up and makes the protagonist question the direction they’ve been heading in thus far in the story
One cardinal character trait: loyalty
One character weakness: can’t speak in front of women unless drinking
Character’s most prized possession: stuffed lion
One everyday character problem: insomnia
One character fear: being alone
One character quirk: twirls their hair around a finger when they’re bored
One character problem: haunted by dreams of an overly controlling uncle who they lived with when their parents died
One non-Hanson song: Evolove - On The Floor
Dialogue: ”Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

Author’s Note: This story was completely new territory for me, being my very first femmeslash story, but it was nevertheless a whole lot of fun to write. It was partially inspired by the Nena song 99 Luftballons, and takes its title from an album by British band The Feeling.

Thank you to Brittney for heading up The Spark Inside each year, to Mandi for being my beta reader, and also to Molly for reading along as I wrote and encouraging my madness.

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