The Rebound Girl by Sarah

Summary: Opportunity is the word of the day for Amelia Clark. She has the opportunity of a lifetime, being able to become a sous chef in Italy. She takes the chance, with a small fortune in her pocket from the local lottery, and makes a plane trip. A series of misunderstanding and lies leads her on a whirlwind (and a quick) trip through mayhem. In the end, will her dreams come true? Or will they just change with the wind?

My Challenges:The event that gets the story rolling: Job offer in a new country

A secondary conflict: Another character is a former model that was fired from their agency

One setting: a grocery store

Theme: Adventure – this plot involves the Protagonist going in search of their fortune, and since fortune is never found at home, the Protagonist goes to search for it somewhere over the rainbow.

One challenge: a hidden, secret room

One random plot point/twist: mile high club … with your future partner at the job?

One cardinal character trait: playfulness

One character weakness: naivety

Character’s most prized possession: cell phone

One every day character problem: trips down the stairs. everytime.

One character fear: fear of getting into a car accident

One character quirk: Loves to play Scrabble

One character problem: wife/husband left them for someone of the same sex i.e. hubby left for another man, wife left for another woman

One non-Hanson song: Ke$ha – Tik Tok

Dialogue: “There’s nothing wrong with not feeling the same. There is something wrong with lying, however. It makes you the jerk, not me.”

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